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Yo first post up here

yo, my first post i'ma freestyle

y'all gonna play my flows/ like u was locked down in prison or gettin ur hair braided in rows/ see those i hit an spllit quik while u see the ice in ya eyes an just froze/ bust up ya nose an give u eyes lookin black/ purple and blue beat u up like a jack/ moves slowly/ grooves lowly/ but y'all can't get me cuz i'm the one who'll quickly stab u an take the jewelery/ this foolery is only gonna get u killed so who's gonna do me?/ no one cuz i'm on point like a tight roll of a joint/ and i'm the one the lords gonna annoint/ better step out my path cuz i'm comin psycho/ use the weed for airtime, shit makes me gain height yo/ i might lite yo ass up/ make ya put ya glass up an toast to this/ u boast but i'm the one who put the most to this!
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