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another freestyle

after posting my part in a battle against BAG (lol that sounds like some sort of charity) i feel extremely confident...check it

on a bossanova/ i'm the one who stands on the right of jehova/ the holy ghost spit flames on this and say its over/ control games like a hostile takeover/ on the afghanni/ fuck it we'll hospitalize them like grannies/ put em in the grave with their panties on their heads/ AK47s and Uzzis fill em with lead/ fuck Bin Laden that terrorist shit is old/ and the gun i'm packin is cold/ it needs heatin my aim is gold and my bullets are silver/ the rhymes i write are the ones rappers try to pilfer/ i'll knock em like a white kid named wilber and put u all cubed up like dilbert/ hav dogbert film u like a porno by dogfart/ the art is fallilng apart so what are we gonna piece it back/ well i get no help from you with the skills you lack!
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